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Tenun Kartini was present as a form of gratitude and pride in the wealth of cultural treasures of Indonesia. Tenun Kartini is a local industry which is engaged in traditional weaving craft ( non-machine) or better known as ATBM ( not the engine loom) .
For now, Tenun Kartini take advantage of the webstore online as well as a showroom / gallery product. However, personal customer service remains our priority. With this marketing system, Tenun Kartini could push the price of goods to share the benefits ( win-win transaction) with customers and business partners.

Participating to improve the economy of Indonesia, with a local industry of international standard, which is oriented to the satisfaction and confidence of consumers and business partners.


* To provide satisfaction to customers through quality products and services
* Build and maintain trust with consumers and business partners
* Establish nuanced familial relationships with customers and business partners
* Introduce weaving sabagai global richness of Indonesian culture
* Making the loom, especially weaving torso as one of the mainstay of Indonesia' s export commodities

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